V Press LC invites submissions of NONFICTION Books

V Press LC will offer one cash prize of $700 US dollars to the top prize along with publication of winning book. If there is a tie for first then the cash prize will be equally divided among the winners. In the event that no manuscript is worthy of publication, V Press LC will not publish anything for this category. Finalists and runners up are not offered a cash reward. However, they may be offered a book contract.

V Press LC invites submissions from anyone, anywhere in the world, but those submissions must be written in the English language.

Read submission Guidelines/Rules and Rights on our Submission page.

Contest Winners

Poetry Book Prize Winner

Poetry Book Prize Finalist

Compilation Book Prize Winner

Chapbook Prize Winner

Chapbook Honorary Mentions

Derek Barry
Sloppy Magician

Milton Bates
Forty-Six Degrees North

Beatriz Fernandez
How Stone Sings to Fire

Allen Guest
The Smell of Heaven

William Heath
Night Moves in Ohio

Heather Machan

Jody Winer
Welcome to Guardian Angel School

Compilation Book Honorary Mentions

Kathryn Etters Lovatt
How to Euthanize a Fish