As a college student, the question “What will I do after graduation?” is never far from my mind. Although most students have doubts about their future, many do have some idea of what the answer to this question is. Not me.
I have lived with multiple chronic illnesses for most of my life. These illnesses make it difficult to function each day. I never know how I will feel from one day to the next, which makes planning hard. It is the reason I have never been able to hold a job. Because of that, my resume looks awfully empty. This thought has plagued me as I have thought about my future. Who will hire me if I have no experience?
Through a serendipitous chain of events that was moved along by some of my favorite professors, I was able to find a summer internship that was completely virtual. That is how I came to be an intern for V Press LC. Now, I spend my time reading brilliant submissions for the Running with Water anthology, as well as some general book submissions. I have loved reading work from so many talented writers and being able to offer my opinion on it. It’s a dream come true for an English major, especially one that is such an avid reader and writer as I am. Each day, I am gaining valuable experience that I can use in future jobs in the publishing industry and I’m enjoying it. Yes, I have something to add to my resume now, but I have also seen how fun it can be to do work that you truly love.
The virtual nature of my internship has allowed me to set my own schedule and work at my own pace. When I am having a good day, I can do more. When I need to rest, I can take some time for myself. Throughout the day, I can take plenty of breaks to ensure I’m not overdoing it and pushing my energy to its limit. This flexibility is exactly what I need. It’s why I have chosen to take all of my classes online. Having this same option for my internship has been a blessing.
Being able to work with chronic illness is something so many people have to worry about, but it shouldn’t feel impossible. I’m grateful that V Press LC has given me the chance to use the skills I have learned through my education and apply them to an internship. I still wonder what I will do after I graduate, but I feel more confident now knowing that I have the experience to back up my abilities.