Running with Water, our bi-annual literary anthology, seeks to provide quality writing to the world that would otherwise not be seen. We encourage fresh and original unpublished works.

We lean more towards writing that empowers, educates, inspires, encourages or moves us in some way–the best works are those that get into the bones. But some works we will publish simply for the enjoyment of reading them. Submit and surprise us. We love to be surprised.


NOTE: Running with Water has no theme. The name, much like writing, is fluid. Writing moves and flows  through the world, sometimes in unexpected ways–it seeps through cracks or crevices, into fissures, through the land and through our bodies. Water moves, nourishes, sustains , and can change the structure of our land and/or our lives. If we use words like water, could we not then impact the world?


Running with Water anthology will feature four (4) genres:



Fiction – Writers may submit up to 7,000 words.

Creative Nonfiction – Writers may submit up to 7,000 words.

Flash (Fiction or Nonfiction) – Writers may submit between 700-900 words.

Poetry – Writers may submit up to 70 lines for Poetry or four poems, whichever comes first.

(Note: Title does not count towards word count.)


For further details or to submit follow the link below:


Fiction and Nonfiction  entries will require a $10.00 reading fee to help offset the costs of publication.

Flash entries will require a $7.00 reading fee to help offset publication costs.

Poetry entries will be $5.00 per poem–Note: this has changed. We now want only one poem per submission–however, multiple submissions are encouraged.


Submissions for Running with Water will be accepted fall of even years and published in the fall of odd years.


Best of luck in submitting. We look forward to reading your entries.