Mary-Faith Martinez

In the two and a half years I have worked with V Press LC, I have had the pleasure of working on two editions of Running with Water. Each has been unique in its own way, as is the nature of an anthology. And I have found myself endlessly inspired by the words that writers have submitted after taking such loving care to craft them. As V Press LC’s acquisitions editor, I am oftentimes the first person to read these words, and I think about the journey they took to get to this point. Am I truly the first person to read them other than the writer? What challenges that I will never know went into creating these pieces that I now get to offer an opinion on?

Writers, it is a privilege to read your words, to be trusted with your works. Readers, I think you will find that this year’s edition of Running with Water has something for everyone, including you, specifically. An anthology is meant to bring us together. It is meant to contain something for each of us. Themes of hope, loss, and growth permeate these pages. Allow them to envelope you.